My Goals For This Term

My goals for this term are to write in cursive neat enough for people to read it and I want to be able to write in cursive almost as fast as I can write normally. My second goal is to learn to type at least 60 WPM off of home row again, and to learn the number pad. To practice writing in cursive, I’m going to try writing in cursive while taking notes sometimes. Practicing home row is easy because I use the computer and I type everyday. The number pad is going to be the hardest to practice because I don’t use numbers that much on the computer but I will start practicing my numbers.



  1. ladyflowersbysusan

    You have good goals! Legible cursive. My cursive is far from pretty. I used to get D’s in penmanship! But the nurses tell me that I am the only doctor whose handwriting they can read.

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