Boston Marathon Relief: How You Can Help And How To Locate Loved Ones

AMP 1037

News of the explosions in Boston were inescapable yesterday. As we watched brave citizens and first responders run into the fray to help the injured, we are inspired by the selfless goodness of humanity that would sacrifice their own safety to tend to the wounded. Though we are far from Boston, we want to know how we, too, can help those effected by the explosions at the Boston Marathon.

How Can We Help?

According to a press statement released yesterday, the American Red Cross has long been involved in the Boston Marathon by providing first aid stations to support runners. You can help by donating funds online or texting REDCROSS to 90999. More importantly, you can help by donating blood.

The Salvation Army is setting up two mobile canteens in Boston, one to serve as a staging area for first responders and another where families are gathering. You can help…

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