Police Commissioner Anthony Batts Talks About The Boston Marathon Terrorist Attacks

CBS Baltimore

Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts joined the Norris & Davis show to talk about the tragic events yesterday at the Boston Marathon, and how it will effect security everywhere.

Commissioner Batts & former Baltimore Police Commissioner Ed Norris discussed 9/11 and the procedures used to heighten security around Baltimore City even though there was not a critical threat made against the city.

Commissioner Batts also said he was contacted by the FBI but it was more procedural than and specific info on threats. The commissioner said he was very proud of the men and women in blue and the firefighters for running in immediately to help out the wounded.

[cbs-audio url=”http://cbsbaltimore.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/anthony-batts-04-16-13.mp3″ size=”normal” download=”false” name=”Police Commissioner Anthony Batts” artist=”105.7 The Fan”]

Ed Norris asked the commissioner about the Preakness and if security will be elevated for the event. The commissioner said that Preakness is our form of…

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