I’m now setting new goals for the rest of the term. My first goal is still typing. I want to be at 70 WPM by the end of the year. My second goal is communication. I practice this by playing the lego game with someone. I want to play with someone and get 2 errors our less by the end of the term. My third goal is going to be my neatness when writing in cursive. I write in cursive at home but my mom said that some of it is hard to read so I’m going to practice every night and become neater when writing so people can read it perfectly. 


4-30-13 Skills Blog

I have improved my typing greatly in this class. I started out at about 45-50 WPM and I’m not up to 60-70 WPM. I have practiced writing in cursive at home and with my dad and when I first started writing it took me a while and it wasn’t very neat; but now I can write just well in cursive as I can normally. I haven’t had much time to practice the number pad but when I did I did the best I could. When I started out, I wasn’t very good at all using the number pad and I had a lot of errors. Now I can use the number pad and have little or no errors while using it.


Today we worked on our databases again and my query didn’t open for some reason so I had to restart the whole thing, but I did it and made it work. I also helped Ike make his query work.

Sanders Bumpy Cake Celebrates 100th Birthday With Free Slices

CBS Detroit

DETROIT (WWJ) – Detroit’s famous Sanders Bumpy Cake turns 100 on Saturday!

Sanders is celebrating the event by offering a free slice of Chocolate Bumpy Cake at all of its metro Detroit stores on April 27. Hiller’s grocery stores and The Detroit Shoppe at Somerset Mall are also participating in the free slice giveaway. (See list below for participating locations)

The Bumpy Cake dates back to 1913 when Sanders opened its bakery division and started making unique style cakes. CEO Brian Jefferson said the

cake was the idea of Fred Sanders himself.

“It has this piping, a buttercream piping, and then a fudge ganache put on top, and it was all Fred’s idea,” Jefferson said. “Customers would come in and say ‘I want the cake with the bumps,’ so then it became known as the bumpy cake.

Sanders President Ron Rapson said it’s not just another chocolate cake.

“The fudge icing is probably the hardest…

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Today I learned how to use Microsoft Access and I made an access database for class. It was kind of hard starting out but once I got the hang of it, it was pretty easy and it flew by.